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Energetic Healer

There is a deep connection between the bountiful Earth and the endless Universe. Through our hearts the energies of both Earth and Universe meet and the healing begins. The luminous crystal energy travels though the chakras, aligning them. When the chakras are aligned, energy flows easily through the body allowing deep healing to happen. This luminous crystal energy is accessible to everyone. Traumas, life events, past lives and ancestral/family history disconnect the energetic path. I facilitate the restoration of the energetic path. By connecting to the Earth’s crystalline core and the universal energy I guide the light to align the chakras, clear any blockages, release knots and activate the chakras with new codes and positive affirmations. Rewriting the old messaging that no longer serves life’s purpose. During an energetic healing session messages are channeled and Akashic records are accessed. Healing is taking place across all lifetimes and timelines. Sessions take place in the Purple Barn Healing Studio in Afton, Virginia or through audio/video calls. All that is needed for a session is being open to receiving healing energy.

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